Address: Newport Beach

Phone: 949-239-4551

Email:  info@OCPetCare.com

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Our 30 minute pack walk is designed to a provide a healthy outlet to socialize with friends while getting the exercise they need. Daily walks ensure your pet stays happy and healthy both mentally and physically. The 30 minute walk is great for our friends that cannot handle a full hour but still enjoy the walk they so deserve!

Our 30 minute private walks are designed to provide individualized attention for our clients that prefer their furry friends to be walked solo. Whether they are working on special training techniques or just prefer to take a stroll with no distractions, we are happy to give you a tailored program that fits your needs exactly!


Let us walk your dog to better behavior! Our 1 hour pack walk gets your dog out and on the move with their friends. We love getting your dog the sufficient exercise he needs while focusing on a healthy pack mentality. Our walkers are trained in dog behavior and are constantly practicing positive verbal commands to keep the pack engaged and stimulated. This is our most popular walk by far, Sign up today and find out why! 

Prefer a solo walk, but still want your pup to come home tired and happy? Our 1 hour solo walk gives you just that! We are happy to work on any behavioral or reactive tendencies during these walk and report back on your dog's behavior after each walk. We understand it can be hard to make sure your dog gets sufficient daily exercise, so let us be the ones to do it. Whether a walk around the neighborhood or a hike through the hills, your dog deserves it all. A happy dog is a tired dog!